aka A FANDOM User

"CountBleck479 is off having a mental breakdown. Please leave a message after the hissing sound."

CountBleck479 is a user on the Sausage MLP Forums.

Things he Does on the ForumsEdit

- Makes countdowns

- (Formerly) Copies countdowns from other people

- Discusses which leaders to unseat in the coming year

- Rages. And we mean RAGES.

- Rants about various stuff

- Edits the Wiki

Sort-of-really-messed-up BiographyEdit

CountBleck479 has a violent temper when he's angry. He's quite the sore loser. However, when he's not angry, he's quite helpful, honest, and kind. He frequently visits the Sausage MLP Forums. He tends to leap before he looks, causing some unexpected results(And no, we don't mean the Magic card.) He plays Mega Man 8 Bit Deathmatch every minute he can, and he's also a good Magic: The Gathering player.

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